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Switzerland Bank account.

Enjoy the security and privacy of your own Swiss Bank Account. We help to open your Swiss bank account for as low as 89 € (69 £).

You can only open this account, if you live in Andorra, San Marino, Monaco, France, Germany, Liechtenstein or Italy.

  • Excellent Internet Banking Systems.
  • Dedicated account managers.
  • No Minimum Deposit Required
  • Receiving money trough SWIFT is FREE
  • SWIFT transfers available for as low a $5 per transaction
  • Multicurrency - Up to 10 currencies on your account including EUR , USD, GBP, CHF and so on...
  • 24x7 Excellent online real-time banking system, highly secure login.
  • 24x7 World-wide Access to your funds.
  • ATM and VISA available can be used anywhere in the world.
  • No extra charge for ATM card
  • Western Union transfers - send money directly from your Swiss account
  • VISA and MasterCard cards available for $40/year with low min. balance requirements.
  • Bill payment and wire transfers money can be done online in all currencies to all countries.
  • Transfer money into your bank account anytime, anywhere.
    Protected by Swiss banking secrecy
  • Swiss government insurance : your funds will be literally in the safest place in the world.

With this account, you can request the bank to setup an three types of accounts , at no extra cost..

  • Investment account
  • Fixed deposit account

You can trade stocks,bonds, securities quoted on NASDAQ, SWX(Swiss Stock Exchange), NYSE, VIRT-X all online from your account. You are permitted to use CHF, EUR, USD currencies for your trading and investment account. You can benefit from the banks very low commission charges

In order to avail credit or debit card facilities, as per banks regulation, is necessary to have a CHF/EUR account with the bank and not available for the accounts held in foreign currencies. The bank issues the following cards...

International Debit Card in CHF
Use this card to withdraw your money directly either in switzerland or any of the ATM's worldwide having PLUS or EUFISERV logo. Cash withdrawals up to the equivalent of a maximum of CHF 1000.- per day, fee CHF 4.- per withdrawal. Additional cards can also be requested on your partner name. You have to deposit atleast CHF 2'000 as a security deposit for each card. The pre-requisite is you must open CHF account

International Debit Card in EUR
This card comes free of charge with EUR account. You can withdraw your money directly either in switzerland or any of the ATM's worldwide having PLUS or EUFISERV logo. Cash withdrawals up to the equivalent of a maximum of EUR 650.- per day, fee CHF 4.- per withdrawal. No security deposit required for this card. But you must open a EUR account to get this card

MasterCard or Visa Cards are used throughout the world to make payments using credit cards or withdraw money from 18 million ATM across the globe. Inorder to qualify for these cards, it is a must that you need to have a CHF account with the bank. If you are domiciled outside switzerland, the bank will ask for a security deposit of CHF 10'000 before issuing a VISA card to you. Your withdrawal limit will be around CHF 5'000.- per month for VISA with 4% withdrawal fee. For MASTERCARD your limit is CHF 1000.- per day or CHF 2000.- per month. The fee is 2.5% minimum CHF 10.-

Account Interest Rates in Foreign Currency
Your account do enjoy interest rates, but not very lucrative.
GBP Pound Sterling - 2.00%
USD US Dollar - 0.00%
AUD Australian Dollars - 1.75%
CHF Swiss Francs - 0.75%
EUR Euro - 1.00%

There is no interest for accounts held in USD and other currencies.

* Please note that interest rates are subjected to change from time to time by the bank.

For personal accounts, the bank will ask for a notarised copy of your passport with apostille affixed.

For corporate accounts the bank will ask for your articles of incorporation, commercial register extract (if commercially registered), incorporation certificates, articles of association if your business is of association type. All these documents must be presented with an apostille/legalisation seal.

Personnel Swiss Account referal fees : 89 € (or 69 £)

Order now. Nothing to pay today !

You will establish a safe banking depository relationship with this Bank, please note we do not guarantee the bank will open an account for you.



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